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Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (; 7 March 1752 – 24 April 1840) was a German anthropologist and naturalist, considered to be one of the founders of modern biology, his earliest publications containing descriptions of physical anthropology.

Blumenbach was born in Dresden, where his father was a doctor. His first publication was about the origin of man (1775) and his second about the origin of language (1777). Blumenbach rejected anthropocentrism, but accepted that humans were the earliest branches in a large family tree of animals, leading him to the anthropogenetic school of thinking.

Alfred Maass (1831) described his own father, Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (1769-1848) as follows: “This is not merely a man of genius, but really a genius of personality… He is an unusual man of character… a kind of Blumenbach, who has taken upon himself the character of a teacher and a father, but this is done unconsciously, not intentionally… a man of an extra-ordinary disposition, a cultivated man, a good man, a man of deep feeling… an eccentric man, but a happy eccentric… tolerant, indulgent, good natured, broad, an easygoing man… who, however, likes himself only when his views are well considered… an artist, and a literary man.”

Blumenbach’s relationship with Goethe has been mentioned as a point of contention in defining Blumenbach’s contribution to the science of biology.

(1775) Origin of Mankind. A Critical Proof of the Antiquity of Man, from the Skeleton of a Human Being Found in the Caverns of the Hartz Mountains. Translated from the German by John Tallis, J. Murray.
(1777) De l’origine des Langues. Adresse au peuple. In: Friedrich Blumenbach, Beschreibung der Naturgeschichte der Völker des Osaischen Küstelandes, hg. von Carl Haffner und Friedrich Wilhelm Theodor Count von Gencken, Paris: Père la Chaise, p. 206-