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Directed by: Megha Mohan, Krishnamoorthy,, Genre: Drama,. Megha Mohan – Megha Meenamma – 2001 – Tamil Film – Hindi Dubbed.
A pregnant woman goes into shock after hearing the news of her husband’s accidental death. The man miraculously survives and returns to his wife who¬†. think you would wanna get around 300k feet.

I’m not so sure you’d want to shoot at this resolution; just as an example, every 10 pixels would be about 300km.

Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately I did not save many pictures during the flight. Is there any particular fov that you would recommend or be able to point me towards some articles that cover it’s usage? My primary interest is in map stitching and doing photogrammetry on EVA. To a degree my EVA hardware and software do not support RAW so I am stuck with 16bit tiff, which may explain why I choose to shoot at 3200fps. I’m probably not going to save money by using the slower shutter speed either. Thanks again for your responses.

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Based on my work the best choice would be a fisheye lens with a large maximum aperture. I would focus at 0.5 to 1.0 and plan to use 1/2000 sec. These are the numbers that I have found work the best when stitching together images of a building. The format should be TIF with white balance set to tungsten. A very large f-stop is also preferable since f8 will be quite slow compared to other f-stops, especially at low shutter speeds.

If you are a photographer of roads then it is not a good choice to use a fish-eye lens. Roads are not affected by diffraction, so even a small f-stop number does not produce much of an improvement at distances.Q:

MATLAB display only a few rows

I am trying to read several thousands of MAT files from a directory into memory and generate from them an image with 40 rows and 300 columns. I am loading each file with:
fid = fopen(full