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I’ve activated my Deep Freeze for four days and I still want to cancel it. Can I still cancel it without a reset? I have to obtain it back on Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. The office opens at 8 a.m. and I cannot reset it during the day as it will finish the protection. However, the office is closed at 2p.m. on Tuesday. Is there any way this can be done on Monday?

I am using deep freeze 7 for my school, i activated my deepfreeze for 7 days, after 7 days I went to system and re-activate. After updating my system it say that the domain is not active, i cant use the computer, can i perform something about it?

I have activated Deep Freeze for three weeks, and I canceled it, but my computers got a nasty virus and I want to reinstall Deep Freeze. How do I reinstall? When I reinstall it doesn’t ask for a password?

Is there a way to bypass DeepFreeze and downloading a program to the computer without resetting the password? I saw a lot of “DeepFreeze Cracke” software on the internet, but I don’t want any of the school’s staff to notice DeepFreeze is gone, so the password must remain the same.

In any case, if you are careful enough to avoid viruses and able to answer the following questions, then you can certainly don’t worry about that. Until next time, love to read your comments and happy downloading.

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